Laboratorium Centrifuge Clinical


Onze multifunctionele klinische centrifuge is ideaal voor het centrifugeren van monsters in klinische chemie, cytologie, onderzoekslaboratoria, industriële laboratoria, enz. Deze centrifuge is geschikt voor buizen met doppen, bloedafname of urinebuizen. Vaste en roterende rotoren en adapters zijn compatibel met standaard buizen tot 100 mL. Selecteer alstublieft uw rotor naar keuze.

Onze klinische centrifuges zijn gecertificeerd met CE, cTUVus en FCC. MCA-test volgens IEC / EN61010-2-20 inclusief containment-proof en bio-safe rotor tests. Geslaagd EN61010-2-101: 2002 vereisten voor invitro-diagnostische (IVD) medische apparatuur .










Laboratorium Centrifuge Clinical



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Ordernummer Max xG
DM0636 6.000 rpm 4300×g


DM0636 Multi-Purpose Clinical Centrifuge Features:

  • FREE rotor with purchase
  • Automatic rotor detection
  • CPU controls all operating parameters including speed and time
  • RPM or G-force are simply set and displayed
  • Operation can be timed from 30 seconds to 99 minutes or continuous running
  • Timer commences once the set speed is reached, so the separation time is more accurate
  • 9 Acceleration / 10 Brake speed settings to ensure optimal separation
  • Parameters can be modified after the set speed is reached
  • Quick spins are possible by pressing and holding PULSE key
  • Interlock automatic door lock
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD processing display and sound alert
  • A wide range of accessories available (fixed angle and swing-out bucket rotors)
  • Brushless motor drive quickly and effortlessly accelerates the rotor to set speed

DM0636 Multi-Purpose Clinical Centrifuge Specifications: 

Centrifuge : DM0636
Speed data : 300-6000rpm, +/- 20rpm, 100rpm increments
Rotor Capacity : 36 x 3-7mL centrifuge tubes to 4 x 100mL
Max. RCF : 4300—g
Run Time : 30secs to 99mins Timer or Continuous Operation
Dimensions : (L) 18.0 — (W) 23 — (H) 11 inches
Weight : 80lbs
Voltage : 110V~120V,50Hz/60Hz,10A


DM0636 Multi-Purpose Clinical Centrifuge Rotor Options:



Cat. No. Rotor Quantity Tube Vol. Capacity Tube Sizes Max. rcf/xg / RPMS Radius
19400041 19400041

Swing-out rotor

(buckets/tubes sold separately) 

3mL to 100mL _ _ _
19400045 19400045

4 x buckets & 9 x 7mL tubes per bucket = 36 max.

3mL & 7mL 13mm˜ x 75mm, 13mm˜ x 100mm 2500xg, 2950xg 14mm, 16.5mm
 19400044 19400044 4 x buckets x 4 x 15mL tubes per bucket = 16 max. 10mL & 12mL & 15mL

 15mm˜ x 100mm, 17mm˜ x 105mm, 17mm˜ x 120mm

2840xg, 2840xg, 2840xg

15.9mm, 15.9mm, 15.9mm

 19400043 19400043 4 x buckets & 2 x 50mL tubes per bucket = 8 max. 50mL 34mm˜ x 100mm 2840xg 15.9mm
 19400042 19400042

4 x buckets & 1 x 100mL tubes per bucket = 4 max.

2 x 50mL tubes per bucket = 8 max.

50mL & 85mL & 100mL

34mm˜ x 100mm, 38mm˜ x 104mm, 38mm˜ x 115mm


2840xg, 2840xg, 2840xg

15.9mm, 15.9mm, 15.9mm

19400035 19400035 5mL x 18 max. 5mL 16.5mm˜ x 54mm 25150xg, 15000rpm _
 19400040 19400040

15mL x 30 max.

15mL 17mm˜ x 120mm 2570xg, 4500rpm _
 19400038 19400038

50mL x 6 max.

50mL 34mm˜ x 100mm  18690xg, 12500rpm  _
 19400039 19400039 50mL x 8 max.   50mL 35mm˜ x 100mm  3460xg, 5000rpm